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Centre Presse - Actualités hotel du lion d'or - Aveyron - France
Centre Presse - Actualités hotel du lion d'or - Aveyron - France

The harley Davidson everywhere in the village.

40 harley Davidson were in the village during 1 week. From Kent England, the bikers and their mythic machines were based at the Hotel du Lion d'Or. This club is about 250 members ( 500 persons includind men and women ). They were 69 bikers in the region. Two of them came from New-Zeland, two other from South Carolina USA. They join the Kent by plane. Two ferries were needed to cross la Manche.
The club was created in 1991. Dave HANNA is the webmaster of Invicta HOG and Jane HANNA is the event manager. The group visit the department of Ardeche 6 years ago and this year was the first time that they came in Aveyron. They love typical french village ( "France profonde" means far from big cities ) and they enjoyed their stay between Lot and Truyere rivers. They had activities as fishing, canoe kayak, walk and gastronomy. They went to Conques, Laguiole, Calmont ( Espalion castle ) and the Viaduc de Millau. They left the village with many "souvenirs" to tell.
They will speak again about it when they are going to choose their future european travel.
These Harley Owners Group have a website :
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